Applications for Voices of Culture dialogue

Applications for Voices of Culture dialogue

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Until 3 May representatives of organisations with relevant expertise can apply for Voices of Culture dialogue on the green transition and energy crisis. 

Voices of Culture is a platform by the European Commission which aims to offer a dialogue with the European civil society. As part of this, it invites interested organisations from the cultural, creative or other relevant sectors from the EU member states to participate in this dialogue. Together they will discuss the various environmental, social and ecological crises Europe is facing and how the cultural sector can act as a source of innovation.  

As the call refers to a 2022 report from the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) group of EU Member States which emphasises the significance of including culture and the creative industries in Europe’s efforts to promote sustainable development, the results of the meeting will serve as recommendations for policy makers. 

Participants will meet in Tartu (Estonia), the European Capital of Culture 2024, on 15 and 16 June 2023 and take part in a Brainstorming meeting. Afterwards, they will produce a Brainstorming report based on their previous discussions which will highlight recommendations for policy makers. On 12 September 2023 the report will be presented to the European Commission in Brussels.  

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