#ARTvsWAR: the new campaign to support Ukrainian cultural heritage

#ARTvsWAR: the new campaign to support Ukrainian cultural heritage


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The European External Action Service has launched a new social media campaign to raise awareness and support Ukrainian cultural heritage. 

The cultural sector and cultural life has severely retracted since the beginning of Russia’s large-scale attack. Nonetheless, Ukrainian artists and cultural heritage workers resist and give visibility to what’s happening, at the same time they prepare for the challenging post-war scenario.

#ARTvsWAR is a social media campaign that will give evidence of destroyed or damaged cultural heritage; share stories of saving/protecting cultural heritage; showcase emerging art during the context of war; portray the adaptation and resilience of cultural life and disseminate recent or ongoing projects/initiatives involving Ukrainian artists and cultural institutions.

We strongly encourage to follow the campaign and help disseminating its key message for cultural heritage: FacebookTwitterInstagram

You can read the first entry on the Slovo building in Kharkiv: “The Word is Adamant: the struggle for existence of Ukrainian literature“.

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