3 July 2024
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CHARTER Alliance Webinars: Recordings are now available!

How Can Heri

25 June 2024
CHARTER Alliance

CHARTER Alliance meets in Rotterdam from 19-21 June: Highlights and Takeaways


3 June 2024
CHARTER Alliance

CHARTER Alliance’s latest events participation across Europe (May 2024)

6-8 May 2024

22 May 2024
CHARTER Alliance

Last CHARTER Alliance Webinar | Cultural heritage education and training: What are the curricula and occupations that will shape the future of the sector?


2 May 2024
CHARTER alliance

NEXT CHARTER Alliance Webinar: Cultural heritage sector dynamics across Europe – Exploring gaps and needs in professional development (29 May)

The Univers…

30 April 2024
CHARTER Alliance

Showcasing CHARTER Alliance’s premier events: The 2024 Paris Conference and Brussels Policy Round Table

The 2024 Par

16 April 2024
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NEW CHARTER Alliance Webinar: How can heritage skills unlock the full potential of European regions? (26 April)

Over the pas…

2 April 2024

Save the date: CHARTER will be presented at the annual conference of the Deutscher Museumsbund from 5-8 May 2024

The next pub

15 February 2024
CHARTER Alliance

What are the gaps and needs for cultural heritage professionals in Europe? CHARTER Alliance maps major challenges and suggests improvement paths