CHARTER Alliance’s latest events participation across Europe (May 2024)

CHARTER Alliance’s latest events participation across Europe (May 2024)

CHARTER Alliance
In May 2024, the CHARTER Alliance actively engaged in a series of significant activities across Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, and The Netherlands, emphasizing their dedication to advancing cultural heritage education and training. Through participation in various conferences and meetings, CHARTER showcased innovative pathways for cultural heritage education, shared insights on emerging educational needs for cultural professionals, and connected with policymakers and educators.

6-8 May 2024 – Annual Conference of the German Museums Association

Aschaffenburg, Germany

CHARTER joined the Conference with an information stand during the 3-days conference, set up and animated by Karin Drda-Kühn (Kultur und Arbeit e.V.), Margherita Sani (NEMO), and Karin Riegler (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna). The CHARTER Alliance booth provided the latest developments on the project with museum professionals, focusing on the 8 innovative/emerging cultural heritage education and training paths. Following the Conference’s theme, “Museums navigating crises”, we invited participants to share their views on which emerging area for skills they regarded as the most important for their career.


8 May 2024 – Reflections on cultural professions in Europe. The CHARTER project and the Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali’s activities

Turin, Italy

 Organised and hosted by the University of Turin, Martina de Luca and Marzia Piccininno, Fondazione Scuola dei Beni e delle attività culturali, where in charge to share with Italian stakeholders an overview of the project, focusing on new education and training needs for cultural professionals.

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14 May 2024 – Pioneering Futures: Rethinking Cultural and Heritage Ecosystem

Leuven, Belgium

KU Leuven Institute for Cultural Heritage (HERKUL), in collaboration with Una Europa, hosted this event in the frame of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union’s official calendar. Reuniting policymakers, academics, practitioners, and various stakeholders, participants engaged in meaningful discussions and charted pathways for advancing cultural and heritage ecosystems within regional, national, and European contexts, all while addressing global challenges.

CHARTER’s Project Manager, Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio (University of Barcelona), joined the panel “Cultural Heritage Education Avenues in the Time of Global Challenges”, together with representative of Una Europa, EIT Culture & Creativity, and ICHEC Brussels Management School. Learn more here.

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21-24 May 2024 – European Arts, Crafts and Heritage

Paris, France

CHARTER Alliance attended the first European meeting led by the Erasmus+ Education/Training French Agency, dedicated to crafts and heritage, successfully connected education and training professionals from these sectors. Represented by Elis Marçal, E.C.C.O. President, the event was joined by 35 representatives from 19 European countries and 27 from 8 metropolitan regions in France, providing a platform for teachers and professionals to exchange ideas on their teaching practices and the organisation of courses preparing for these professions.

The meeting’s objectives were to discuss the attractiveness of these professions in initial and continuing training, including professional and higher education. Additionally, it highlighted the crucial role of crafts in the conservation and restoration of heritage.


23 May 2024 – Meeting with Flemish Policymakers

Flanders, Belgium

Jacqueline van Leeuwen (FARO) and Astrid Hannes (ERRIN) organised a dedicated meeting with policymakers coming from the Flemish Government to introduce them to CHARTER’s draft recommendations. With a very active participation, policymakers discussed and shared feedback with us in relation to futureproofing the sector and needed skills, how to better organise volunteer work, what data is necessary to better monitor skills in the cultural heritage sector, and how to ensure better working conditions and a resilient future for heritage workers.



25 May 2024 – International Meeting: Europe of the Greats. A Europe-wide network of Illustrious Personalities’ Homes

Florence, Italy

CHARTER’s Project Manager, Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio (University of Barcelona), participated at this encounter organised by Associazione Nazionale Case della Memoria. Joined by 24 foreign delegations, participants debated and signed an international cooperation agreement for the creation of the European Network of Illustrious Personalities Houses. CHARTER Alliance was invited to present the project’s scope, aims and future steps, looking to establish synergies with the stakeholders attending the event.


27 May 2024 – SkillFoster Conference

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Our Erasmus University Rotterdam partners, Anna Mignosa and Marleen Hofland-Mol, held a meeting at the VET institute Albeda as part of the SkillFoster conference, attended by Bulgarian and Portuguese partners involved in the project. Their session introduced participants to CHARTER’s value chain model as a starting point for an inspiring conversation with citizenship teacher Michael Jansen and Ümran Demir-Turhan regarding the role of heritage in VET education in an urban multicultural context.


30 May 2024 – FARO’s “Het Groot Onderhoud” Networking Conference

Hasselt, Belgium

At the FARO – Flemish Institution for Cultural Heritage Conference, Jacqueline van Leeuwen (FARO) held a special session dedicated to CHARTER. This practical workshop aimed to explore the skills needed for the future in a rapidly evolving and uncertain context. The session sought to answer questions such as how heritage organizations can make decisions when the future seems so threatening, and how to ensure that major challenges do not paralyze us but rather inspire us to launch resilient initiatives. Learn more here.

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