CHARTER Alliance reaches out to the cultural heritage community across Europe!

CHARTER Alliance reaches out to the cultural heritage community across Europe!

CHARTER Alliance
CHARTER Alliance is coming back from holidays time with multiple and diverse engagement throughout Europe during the months of September and October. From internal meetings to conferences, seminars and workshops, the consortium is making sure the results of the project reach the cultural heritage community in order to contribute to their practice, as well as to foster reflection and collect feedback from stakeholders around the continent.

CHARTER Alliance Think Tank on Future Scenarios in Cultural Heritage

11-13 September – Berlin, Germany

This official workshop, co-organised by CHARTER partners NEMO and Kultur und Arbeit e.V., together with the University of Gothenburg and ERRIN – European Regions Research and Innovation Network will set up a structured dialogue to discuss future scenarios for the cultural heritage sector, its agents, and occupations. The Think Tank will focus on four themes, and each theme will be investigated and discussed by an external expert and an External Advisory Board (EAB)  member of CHARTER: digital technologies; circular economy; climate change: green and blue challenges; geo-strategic dynamics. Stay tuned for updates during the event in CHARTER’s social media!

CHARTER Alliance and heritage preservation and valorization

24 September – Évora, Portugal

In the frame of the Portuguese European Heritage Days, taking place from 23-25 September, E.C.C.O. President, Elis Marçal, will deliver a seminar on the project results and its implications for conservators-restores. The event will take place on 24 September, 15:30, at Museu Nacional Frei Manuel do Cénaculo in Évora. This is an open event with no registration required. You can find more information here.

CHARTER Symposium: A strategy for the Future of Cultural Heritage

3 October – Amersfoort, The Netherlands

CHARTER organises this symposium in partnership with Erasmus University Rotterdam and the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) to discuss the future of the sector and the role education plays in it. Focusing on the Dutch cultural heritage ecosystem, this active encounter will involve a workshop to discuss profiles, gaps and needs in the professional field. As with the regional workshops carried out by the project, this meeting will be key to provide local inputs for the final skills strategy. The event is open for all interested stakeholders, via online registration here. You can learn more about the event here.

International Conference on Cultural Policies Promoting European Democracy

4-5 October – Madrid, Spain

Organized by the Ministry of the Presidency, Relationships with the Courts and Democratic Memory of the Spanish Government, this conference aims to make visible those initiatives that have laid the foundations of cultural heritage management in Europe from the point of view of memory, defense of rights and commitment to “non-repetition” as an imperative unavoidable ethic of a democratic European society. On 5 October, CHARTER Coordinator, Lluís Bonet (University of Barcelona), will participate in a reflection group on cultural heritage and European Union policies.

ONDAREA SARETZEN. Building the Cultural Heritage Network

6 October – Bilbao, Spain

Under the organisation of the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Basque Government and the University of the Basque Country, this event aims to foster visibility, connection and collaboration among the different agents and sectors linked to Basque heritage. In the frame of this meeting, an overview of the CHARTER project and its results will be presented as a key initiative for heritage to follow-up. The event will take place in Bizkaia Aretoa from 9:30-16:30. Programme and further information here.

National Stakeholders Day: education, knowledge and skills in cultural heritage sector in Latvia

10 October – Riga, Latvia

In partnership with the National Heritage Board of Latvia (NKMP), CHARTER will host an open-day for interested stakeholders aiming to inform about the implementation progress and expected results of the CHARTER project, as well as to discuss among the participants of the event the adequacy of the education system, the knowledge and skills of those working in the industry for the needs of the labour market, as well as future challenges. The event will take place in the NKMP premises and further details will be announced soon.

2023 ENCATC Congress. Artificial Intelligence Embraced: the Future of the Culture and Creative sector

11-13 October, Helsinki, Finland

In the frame of ENCATC’s anual conference, Lluís Bonet, Project Coordinator, and Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio, Project Manager (University of Barcelona), will host a parallel session under the theme of “Innovative and emerging curricula for Cultural Heritage professions”, taking place on 12 October, at 17:30. Based on CHARTER Alliance’s latest reports findings, the session will address how curricula, teaching models and formats must react to new skills and competences, exploring the current and future challenges in learning processes for cultural heritage professions. You can learn more here and register to attend here.

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