Conference: 6th Heritage Forum of Central Europe

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Conference: 6th Heritage Forum of Central Europe

The 6th Heritage Forum of  Central Europe is an international conference dedicated to discussing and analyzing the links and interdependencies between heritage and development.

The period of political and economic transformation in Central European countries has given rise to a vast utilisation of heritage assets, both tangible and intangible, for the purpose of economic development. However, among others, the current global context highlights the importance of understanding heritage resources as means of a deeper and more sustainable development – not merely material, but also socio-cultural, transgressing the hitherto prevalent economy-oriented viewpoint.

By means of addressing such issues as, for example, the role of heritage in sustainable development, civic engagement, and social integrity, the Forum’s objective is to demonstrate new, implementable approaches required by the unprecedented challenges Europe is currently facing.

During the conference, there will be both plenary lectures, to which Polish and foreign experts (including prof. Jerzy Hausner and prof. David Throsby) were invited, as well as parallel sessions, divided into the following topics:

  • Heritage and Post-Growth
  • Heritage and Social Integrity
  • Heritage and Urban Renewal
  • Heritage and Climate Catastrophe
  • Heritage and Resilience

The conference will be organised online.

The conference will be held in English and followed by a peer-reviewed publication. All articles up to 4000—6000 words long, following the assigned style guide and submitted by the deadline (to be announced), will be considered for publication. 80 points can be obtained for publishing an article in a book that will be published after the conference.

The Heritage Forum of Central Europe is a cyclical, biennial event organised by the International Cultural Centre in Kraków. It is an interdisciplinary platform for meetings and discussions on the relations between the past and the present informed by the broad understanding of heritage. The Kraków conference is the voice of Central Europe on the philosophy, management, protection, economics, politics and social issues of cultural heritage. The Forum is organised under the auspices of the V4 Cultural Heritage Experts’ Working Group, comprising the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Prime Minister’s Office of Hungary, the Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic and the International Cultural Centre in Kraków. The 6th Forum will coincide with 30th anniversary of the Visegrad Group.

The event is finished.


Jun 16 2021

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The Heritage Forum of Central Europe
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