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Creative FLIP Final Conference – Culture and Creativity Beyond Boundaries

After two years of work, Creative FLIP is holding its final conference of its new project cycle. The project aimed to support a healthy ecosystem for the cultural and creative sectors and industries (CCSI), presenting a wide range of topics, tools and activities developed by the consortium formed by Goethe-Institut, European Creative Hubs Network, IDEA Consult, 3s Unternehmensberatung and Intellectual Property Institute Luxembourg, has worked intensively to present you a wide range of topics, tools and activities.

The final conference will inform on the project’s main results and will act as a platform to continuing the exchange with its following audience. Among the highlights to expect are the launch of the online platform on the status and working conditions of artists and cultural professionals.

CHARTER Alliance is thrilled to announce its participation as co-organiser of the parallel panel session “Categorizing CCS – an impossible task?”, taking place from 14:00-15:30. 

It is fundamental to identify shared features or similarities of objects, events, or ideas, and then to group (“categorize”) these in order to make sense of the world. Without categorization, learning, language, memory, decision making would be impossible. The production of cultural statistics also depends on categorization, on a distinction of what is to be measured, and what not.

The panel will explore the benefits and dangers of categorization related to the self-image, the measurement, but also the visibility of the CCSI: categorization enables a highlighting of similarities, but it also has the potential to exclude the unforeseen, the evolving, the fringes. The discussion will focus on cultural-creative occupations following the questions:

  • To what extend do viewpoint and goals of the “categorizer” shape the categories?
  • What are the limitations and dangers of categorizing the occupational scope of the CCS?
  • Is it all possible to develop an occupational categorization of the CCS that serves all purposes? If not, how to deal with this dilemma?

The session will be moderated by Claudia Plaimauer, Creative FLIP/3s, and our CHARTER member, Elis Marçal, President of the Confederation of Conservator-Restorers Organisations (E.C.C.O.), and joined by: Koenraad Polley, ESCO, Secretariat; Florian Schneider, CYANOTYPES project; Daniel Antal, Data specialist.

This is an open event with mandatory registration to attend in presence. Registration is open until the venue’s capacity is reached. Make sure to register here.

Check the agenda and further details here.

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Nov 15 2023


All Day

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Les Ateliers des Tanneurs
Rue des Tanneurs 60A, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


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