DECLINING OR THRIVING? The New International Reality

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DECLINING OR THRIVING? The New International Reality

Working internationally is a cornerstone in the operation and ambition of IETM members worldwide, and IETM is a vehicle, platform and meeting point for making those ambitions come true.

Today, faced with the climate crisis, global inequalities and geopolitical tensions, the modus operandi of international work needs an overhaul.

In 2024, IETM closes a chapter and opens a new one:

The New International in the Performing Arts (NIPA) is the fruit of IETM’s 2022-2024 Creative Europe Network project. The core aim of NIPA has been to seek new and sustainable collaboration models in the performing arts. Launching in 2025, our 2025-2028 Creative Europe Network Project entitled THRIVE will focus on all aspects of how the performing arts sector can truly evolve – and thrive – by harnessing innovation and leadership and building skills and knowledge by putting new models into action.

To unite around and celebrate our collective learning from the past three years and set the course for the next ones, we will come together in Den Bosch, a historic city in the south of the Netherlands where tradition meets innovation.

Hosted and co-organised by our member Verkadefabriek – the cultural hotspot of Den Bosch – IETM members and international guests alike will deep dive into what the future of the international performing arts sector could look like.

In preparation for the Den Bosch Focus meeting, IETM will circulate a survey amongst all its members asking about current motivations and perceived values in international collaborations. We aim to construct a snapshot of what people seek to gain from cross-border work and how they envision it in today’s world. In Den Bosch, we will centre our aspirations for creating a new international arts reality around three axes:

  • The Rules of the Game
  • The State of the Arts
  • Rework the System

Den Bosch will be an important moment to set the IETM course. Additionally, there will be plenty of opportunities for networking as well as relaxation by joining the yoga and meditation classes on offer. Verkadefabriek also invites us to explore a cutting edge artistic programme with some of the most prominent voices in modern mime, dance and new circus by Panama Pictures, Julian Vogel, Bambie and Het Zuidelijk Toneel. As well as this, Verkadefabriek also offers Art House movies and a club!

Registrations are now open for both IETM members and non members. You can already start planning your trip to and in Den Bosch by consulting our practical information page. We urgently recommend you to book your accommodation as soon as possible, since accommodation in the city is limited


Early bird deadline: 3 October 2024

Maximum capacity: 200

A full programme will be revealed in June. Stay tuned!  

The IETM Focus Den Bosch 2024 is happening as part of our Creative Europe project The New International in the Performing Arts (NIPA): Bridging local and global.

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Oct 29 - 31 2024


All Day

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Den Bosch, Netherlands
Den Bosch, Netherlands


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