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MCG Museums+Tech 2023

Most museums deal with objects which have survived centuries and from them we glean an understanding of the past – but what will survive from our current time for future generations, and what effect does our work have on that future for those generations?

We live in a digital age, where much of our work happens on computers, which can store lots of information – but how long does that data last for? Formats and methods of accessing digital data are always changing, entire platforms transform into something unrecognisable,  and preserving both the data and the means of access quickly becomes difficult. What can we do to ensure that what we create will last?

We must also consider the impact our digital work has on the future. What is the sustainability of huge cloud storage facilities eating up electricity and raw materials? What about all the projectors and giant screens? How will the impact of incorporating processor intensive AI into our projects? And how can we mitigate the resulting physical waste?

MCG’s 2023 conference seeks to discuss all aspects of future-proofing our work. They want to hear your varying situations and strategies across institutions, sharing best practices for digital futures, telling cautionary tales, and situating digital cultural heritage within the wider legacy and sustainability landscape.

The event is finished.


Nov 24 2023


All Day


London, UK


Museum Computer Group
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