Museums in Danger

Museums in Danger

The 47th edition of IATM’s Annual Conference revolves around the role of museums in times of global crises. It looks at dangers transport and communication museums face. Asks how they can contribute to wellbeing, education, and safety for its customers, as well as respond to attacks, international conflicts and ecological and economic challenges and responsibilities. The conference takes delegates to Finland and its vast museum landscape from 8-11 September with an optional post-conference tour on 12 September.

“Museums in Danger” focuses on museums in times of multiple global crises: Among them the accelerating climate crisis, growing possibilities of destructions by warfare or severe budget cuts by governments. Further threats through cyber attacks, human misconduct, and natural disasters keep shaping the challenges museums face today. How does this effect our museums? What plans should we have to secure our work or collections? How do (geo-)political developments influence our work, international relationships or economic stability? What are our responses to extreme weather events? Which role do museums play for society: Can they offer security with their contents of history? How are transport and communications museums uniquely able to respond to these crises and threats?

IATM’s 47th annual conference will provide an opportunity to discuss, and exchange on the work and experiences by (transport and communication) museum professionals globally.


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Sep 08 - 11 2024


All Day


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