NCK’s Spring Conference 2022 – Building Relationships through Co-creative Heritage

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NCK’s Spring Conference 2022 – Building Relationships through Co-creative Heritage

The theme for NCK’s Spring Conference 2022 will be on how co-creation can be used to build more sustainable relationships. The potential in heritage for promoting co-creation and participation is prioritized both at a European as well as a Nordic level, and it is emphasized in the Swedish Government’s bill “Kulturarvspolitik” which was adopted in 2017. Co-creation is based on established trust and the premise that everyone can contribute to the content, the activity or the process. When co-creation succeeds, it increases the feeling of participation and stimulates learning.

One of the biggest challenges for museums and archives in stimulating participation with different target groups is precisely to establish long-term and sustainable relationships that are based on mutual trust and confidence. Too often, such relationships are time-bound to a specific project that enables it, and time-limited trust is not always perceived as genuine. However, trust is crucial for a co-creative process to be successful. That is why  NCK want to discuss opportunities and challenges in co-creation together with you for two days. These are some of the issues NCK will investigate together:

  • What does co-creation mean for the cultural heritage sector?
  • What can we do to stimulate co-creation in practice?
  • How can it help us build more sustainable relationships with different target groups?
  • What opportunities and challenges are there in making heritage co-creative?
  • How is the framework for co-creation set and who sets it?
  • How can the form and agenda of an activity itself be developed through a co-creative process and what would be the value in that?

It will start at 10.00 o’clock on the 16th of February, and end at 14.30 on the 17th of February.

Important information:

  • Due to the pandemic and restrictions, the conference will now be completely digital. Previous information about being able to be physically present in Östersund no longer applies.
  • The main language will be English as there will be participants from all over the Nordic region and outside, but some parallel sessions will be in Swedish.
  • Registration The last date for registration is February 11.


  • Individual participation: SEK 600
  • Institution: SEK 1200*

*With this option several people from the same institution can attend within the same price. NCK would still like each individual from the organisation to register separately so that they can receive everyone’s contact information. When registering, please click that you register as an organisation, mention the name of the organisation and provide information on how many in total that are attending from the organisation.

All costs are exclusive of VAT (25%).

Registration The last date for registration is February 11.
Due to Covid-19 and restrictions, the conference will be completely digital.
For questions, contact:

Preliminary schedule:

16 February


Welcome and introduction


Sarah May, Swansea University

Participation and trust, a migrant’s view




Daniel Gillberg – Gothenburg City Museum

Accessibility, technology & the visitor: How activists and co-creation changed the museum


Anita Synestedt – Gothenburg University

The Heritage Academy – an example of how to build co-creative relationships with different target groups within the heritage sector – challenges, opportunities and development.




Amelie Tham, Fisksätra Museum

Participation. On getting used to taking risks and meet unthought-of possibilities, working in a migrant community.


Panel discussion – Who sets the boundaries for co-creation? – Anita Synestedt, Kajsa Hartig and Bente Jensen




Parallel session 1 (in Swedish) – Att bygga medskapande online

Viktor Lindbäck, Riksantikvarieämbetet – Medskapande upptäcktsfärder i Minecraft

Björn Sundberg, Riksantikvarieämbetet – Att bygga gemenskap och engagemang via museialt onlinematerial


Parallel session 2 –  International outlooks on co-creation 

Meltem Çetiner, Middle East Technical University – Title to be annouced

Sanna Holmkvist & Maria Wennberg, Swedish Council for Higher Education  –  How can your organization develop long-term and sustainable relationships with the help of international exchanges? How can you use Erasmus + and EPALE?


Reflection and discussion

17 February


Nelly Laitinen, The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland 

Together for Sources in the Classroom – how professionals in Cultural Heritage and Education co-work.




Kajsa Hartig, Västernorrland Museum, and Bente Jensen, Aalborg City Archives

Collection of social digital photography in archives and museums – a road to co-creation, dialogue and participation


Kaja Hannedatter Sontum – Oslo University

The Future Past – Producing critical heritage research and narratives in cooperation with youths by using an archaeological excavation as point of departure


Parallel session 1 (In Scandinavian languages)   Medskapande genom immateriellt kulturarv

Tone Erlien Myrvold (Norwegian Centre for Traditional Music and Dance) – Museene danser –  Metoder for deltakende formidling av samværsdans på museum i Norden

Inker-Anni Linkola-Aikio & Elina Kuhmunen  (Sámi Archives/ National Archives in Finland) – Arkivpedagogik i samarbete med duojárat

Parallel session 2 – Youth and participation 

Kari Arnekleiv  (Eskilstuna city museum) – Young guides – engaging youth with cultural heritage and narratives in socio-economically deprived areas in Eskilstuna

Josefine Hellroth Larsson & Axel Pettersson (Wikimedia Sweden) – Cultural history as an upper secondary school project ̣– a collaboration for cultural heritage institutions, schools and Wikipedia




NCKs pedagogical prize for 2022 is announced


Emily Oswald – Oslo University 

When publics and cultural institutions interact: Museums and archives creating opportunities for co-design in conversation and on social media


Reflection and discussion


Summary and goodbyes

The event is finished.


Feb 16 2022




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