Västra Götaland Regional Workshop: Sustaining the Built Heritage Ecosystem

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Västra Götaland Regional Workshop: Sustaining the Built Heritage Ecosystem

The Region Västra Götaland, in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg, announces the CHARTER in REGIONS Workshop of the CHARTER Consortium. This workshop, scheduled to take place in Gothenburg from June 12 to 14 2023, presents an opportunity to evaluate the state of play of the cultural heritage sector in the Region, in Sweden and the Nordic countries. The CHARTER Regional Workshop is only open to invited stakeholders.

The workshop is an occasion to gain insight into the cultural heritage ecosystem from both a regional and national perspective. The focus is on the built heritage and its contribution to sustainable living spaces. The topics covered are related to the skills, needs, and challenges of the sector and strategies to bridge the gaps between education and occupational systems and profiles regarding preservation, conservation, and use of the built heritage.

The first day of the workshop features representatives from the Nordic National Heritage Boards to discuss issues regarding building preservation. The second day of the Workshop has as focuses the heritage planning, safeguarding, and sustainable use of the built heritage. To provide a firsthand experience of our preservation techniques and strategies, it is planned a visit to the building preservation and handicraft center of Slöjd & Byggnadsvård at Nääs, located 30 km northeast of Gothenburg. Following, the general meeting for the Charter Consortium takes place.

This Charter Regional Workshop presents an incredible opportunity to expand the knowledge of the built heritage and explore innovative solutions to the challenges facing this sector. Relevant stakeholders and key regional players will discuss the regional ecosystem highlights and analyze skills gaps and mismatches to preserve the heritage and create sustainable living spaces.

The event is finished.


Jun 12 - 14 2023


All Day


Gothenburg, Sweden


Region Västra Götaland, University of Gothenburg

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