Webinar: From Academia to the Job Market

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Webinar: From Academia to the Job Market

The HeritaGeeks webinar “From Academia to the Job Market” is part of a series of webinars devoted to discussing the challenges faced by young professionals while entering or getting established in the job market and organised in partnership with CHARTER (Erasmus+ funded blueprint). The first event of the series, titled “Is the heritage sector sustainable for young professionals?”, took place on 2 September 2022 and had young heritage
workers or aspirants from across continents sharing their experiences and brainstorming possible solutions that would make the heritage sector more inclusive for the emerging generation. This second event will see both young and established professionals debating the struggles and opportunities that young individuals face while transitioning from their academic training to the actual job market. The panelists will be students from all academic cycles, as well as professionals involved in designing study programmes or creating practical frameworks that lead to job creation.



18:10 Waiting room opens
18:30 – 18:35 Welcome and housekeeping rules
18:35 – 18:45 Introduction Karin Riegler, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, on behalf of CHARTER (Erasmus+ funded blueprint)
18:45 – 19:25 Presentations
a. Maria Grishina, Bachelor’s degree student, University of Bamberg (Germany)
b. Tiago Candeias, Research fellow, DINÂMIA’CET-Iscte (Portugal)
c. Sabina Cioboată, Research assistant, University of Westminster (Romania/United Kingdom)
d. Training programme coordinator TBC
e. Caroline Fernolend, Executive Director, Mihai Eminescu Trust (Romania)
19:25 – 19:50 Breakout room discussions
19:50 – 20:05 Presentation of results from the breakout rooms and discussion
20:05 – 20:15 Closing remarks (policy specialist intervention) & wrap-up

The event is finished.


May 03 2023


6:30 pm




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