NEW video “Crafts: Past, Present and Future” by Ana Schoebel

NEW video “Crafts: Past, Present and Future” by Ana Schoebel

Crafts Astra Museum
In the frame of the CHARTER in REGIONS regional workshop in Sibiu (Romania), our Expert Advisory Board member Ana Schoebel shared a very insightful presentation on crafts. Her lecture introduces the historical context to later develop the evolution of crafts until our present time. What is the function of crafts today? How does its future look like? Watch the video and learn from Ana's professional experience over the years.
Our last CHARTER Alliance regional workshop in Sibiu explored in depth the current situation of crafts. This reflection was highly benefited by the opportunity of meeting with crafts people in the Astra Museum, where the first day of the workshop took place. Astra Museum is the most prominent ethnographic institution in Romania with more than a century in its making.

Crafts Astra Museum

The museum is located in the natural reserve of Dumbrava Sibiului with a lake and 10 kms of alleys where visitors can walk and experience the traditional Romanian lifestyle of rural populations manifested in 400 houses, household annexes and technical installations. Astra Museum aims to highlight the most “representative evidence about the distinctive features of the Romanian people, about what differentiated us from other people, things and phenomena that could explain to all who we are”.

Astra Museum provides a very fruitful space for crafts and crafts people to develop their activities, get certified, gain visibility and keep the tradition alive and integrated in the Sibiu community.

On the second day of our workshop we reflected at many levels about the situation of crafts, its current needs and its future. In the frame of the session “Training, knowledge transfer and certification in relation to traditional crafts”, Ana Schoebel opened the slot with a presentation which clearly portrays many of the key aspects to be aware of.

How do we define crafts from a historical point of view? What is the criteria to decide which types of knowledge and skills are worth preserving? What is the function of crafts today? We invite you to delve into these questions with the presentation “Crafts: past, present and future”:



Want to learn more on crafts?

Ana Schoebel has kindly arranged a list of useful bibliography to expand our knowledge on this topic:




About Ana Schoebel Orbea

Former technological expert for the working group of the Spanish National Qualifications Institute (INCUAL), member of CEDEFOP, former Spanish national coordinator for the European Landscape Convention. Manager Council of Europe of the European Heritage Strategy for the 21st Century in 2017 and 2018.


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