Be part of CHARTER’s progress: Cultural Heritage Sector Dynamics’ Survey

Be part of CHARTER’s progress: Cultural Heritage Sector Dynamics’ Survey

Cultural Heritage Sector Dynamics

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CHARTER’s Working Package 4 for sector integrated dynamics is working hard for its next report  “Mapping dynamics of internal and external stakeholders”. This report will be instrumental to understand the implications of the diverse sector’s dynamics on education and training systems in cultural heritage.

In order to have a broad view of the whole cultural heritage stakeholders spectrum, we kindly ask for your contribution to complete our survey: CHARTER Cultural Heritage Sector Dynamics. This will enable us to have a full picture of how stakeholders in heritage interact with each other in an effort to map and analyse the dynamic networks that exist and those that can develop further.

The survey you are asking you to undertake aims to:

  • Investigate the views of stakeholders’ on challenges, constraints and gaps regarding skills and competences, needs and education and training supply.
  • Examine different stakeholders’ wider challenges such as climate change, mobility, continuous professional development, digital shift and sectoral integration.

There are no identifiers in the survey, so the survey is anonymous and confidential. Your participation is always entirely voluntary. It will take you approximately 10-15 minutes to complete a questionnaire on your personal or institutional views.

Only the researchers from the University of Gothenburg will have access to the data. After publication of the results, these data will be destroyed. The survey involves no risks associated with this study. If you have any questions or queries about the survey, please contact us at

The survey is multilingual. Please choose the appropriate language to start completing it.


Help us spread the survey among cultural heritage stakeholders!

You can also contribute by disseminating the invitation to your networks, colleagues and affiliated institutions. There is no limit in how many can take the survey. Every answer we receive helps us to have a truly representative sample of our professional and extended ecosystem. If you wish to circulate the survey on your social media, be aware you can use our promotional picture at the Resources section, available here.

Scan the code to access the survey:

Cultural Heritage Sector Dynamics

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