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The CHARTER Alliance will be officially launched in 2024. Before we get to that final stage, we have developed the CHARTER Community to start joining forces with different actors in the cultural heritage sector.

We want to team up with inspiring organisations, associations and networks committed to professionalising the sector and ensuring that future generations of professionals have a prosperous and sustainable field of work. 

Join the CHARTER Community to support one of the flagship projects on cultural heritage funded by Erasmus+. During the next three years, we are hoping that the CHARTER Community will assist us with information/feedback, participation  in surveys, etc.

Your support, dissemination and visibility make us stronger and more united as a sector to overcome challenges and ensure a sustainable and resilient future for the cultural heritage field.

By joining our programme you will become a CHARTER Supporter.



Become a SUPPORTER and show your endorsement for CHARTER’s mission and goals. As a supporter, your organisation will help disseminating the project and its findings as relevant information for the sector. Every time a milestone is achieved you will be first to receive the update!

All CHARTER Supporters will receive a Communication Kit including a logo and banner to identify themselves, as well as communication suggestions for dissemination.

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The application will be reviewed to verify that all the requested information was successfully completed and to assess the applicant’s profile and its compatibility with the project. You will be contacted afterwards to confirm the application.


  • Research & Development and Education: Education and research necessary to acquire skills and knowledge necessary to operate all the activities included in the other functions.
  • Governance and Policy Making (Decision-making for cultural heritage in policy at local, regional, national and international level, including those holistic democratic and participative mechanisms of governance).

  • Management (Activities from strategic planning to everyday administration and management).



  • Recognition (Activities to identify and to recognise cultural heritage).
  • Preservation and Safeguarding (Activities to ensure long term survival and care of cultural heritage, such as maintenance, conservation, preventive conservation, restoration and safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage).
  • Engagement and use (Activities necessary to access and open cultural heritage, make it understandable, make it available for consultation and use, raise awareness, etc. and its use as a resource by all stakeholders).
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DISCLAIMER: The contents, messages and graphics used and expressed by CHARTER Community members reflect only the views of those authors and not CHARTER. The approval of organizations to the CHARTER Community does not constitute an endorsement of their contents by CHARTER – European Cultural Heritage Skills Alliance. CHARTER cannot be held responsible for contents published by third parties nor how third parties use information originally published by CHARTER. All liability with respect to actions taken or not taken by CHARTER Community members are hereby expressly disclaimed.