The European Heritage Hub, led by Europa Nostra, is launched

The European Heritage Hub, led by Europa Nostra, is launched

Europa Nostra

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The European Heritage Hub was recently inaugurated in Brussels with the goal of facilitating the green, social, and digital transformation of society throughout Europe. This initiative seeks to impact the European cultural heritage sector by adopting a decentralized approach that actively involves regional and local authorities, communities, and civil society, and ultimately reaching out to citizens across the continent.

The Hub’s consortium comprises 20 partners with expertise in various fields, including museums, cities, civil society organizations, sustainability, digitalization, and music. Europa Nostra leads the project, working closely with co-beneficiaries such as Europeana Foundation, Eurocities, KU Leuven (via HERKUL) and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, and more affiliated partners and associated partners that support the project’s objectives.

With a total budget of €3.2 million, the European Heritage Hub is 90% funded by the EU. To ensure broad participation, particularly from Ukraine, the Western Balkans, and the Caucasus, the European Commission will contribute an additional €1 million.

The project’s next public activities are scheduled to take place in Venice, from 27-30 September 2023, as part of the European Cultural Heritage Summit.

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