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This literature collection represents a «state of the arts» of the body of knowledge on educational and training in all areas of cultural heritage. It contains differentiated kind of sources, such as articles, official documents, laws and regulations, frameworks, books about education and training in the cultural heritage sector. The focus of the collection is the literature having an European Union relevance, and specifically includes documents covering the timeframe after the Bologna process (1999).

This database fits into the broader landscape of the CHARTER project in a cross-cutting way, in that it offers references to delve into some issues that are relevant on several fronts: for mapping cultural heritage profiles; for understanding how to describe the skills needed for them to be in line with the demands of the job market, as described in the economic and employment landscape (NACE; ESCO; ISCO); and for understanding what gaps currently exist in the training offer in higher education, lifelong learning, and VET for cultural heritage professionals.

Together with other tools and instruments elaborated and delivered by CHARTER, this literature collection contributes identifying the landscape in Education and Training programmes for traditional and emerging competencies in the cultural heritage sector.

Are you aware of any other document, article, report, or book about education and training in the cultural heritage sector in Europe? Collaborate in the growth of the literature collection by reporting it to us! Share your reference detailing: authors; year of publication; type of document; title; url link: Send your reference

You can browse the database below and look for literature references of interest to you by targeting your search by author, year of publication, document type (journal article; book; collection; proceedings; legislation; report; etc.) and tags.

Tags were identified to better define and group the reference topic of each piece of literature consistently with the work done in the CHARTER project. To this end, a grading work led to the identification of a number of tags that are distinguished by being either identifiable with a specific topic (e.g., Analysis and Research; Competences, Skills, Knowledge; Learning outcomes; E&T Credit System; etc.), or by being connected to the 6 functions of cultural heritage as identified by CHARTER.

The first group comprehends 39 tags indicating the topic each document in the database deals with; entries can be identified with one or more tags at the same time. To make the database even more user friendly and accessible, the complete list of tags has been grouped into 16 macro categories that identify their subject matter.

The second group of tags identify the literature entries present in the database as connected to the 6 functions elaborated by CHARTER, which represent the competences of the training and workforce of the Cultural Heritage sector. These are: Recognition; Research, Development and Education; Safeguarding & Preservation; Crafts & Traditional Knowledge; Engagement and Use; Governance & Policymaking; Management. For a further analysis on the 6 Functions and a more extensive explanation, please click here.

Lastly, the database can be browsed also by looking at the content and scope of the document; in this regard, you can select the following tags:
CLASSIFICATION:Regulation; CLASSIFICATION:Policy; CLASSIFICATION:Guidelines; CLASSIFICATION:Taxonomy/conceptual schemes; CLASSIFICATION:Studies/Analysis; CLASSIFICATION:Case Studies; CLASSIFICATION:Statistics/Repository; CLASSIFICATION:Dissemination.

To view the full list of tags and a glossary containing a description of them, click here.

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