NEMO launches Climate Action Map for European Museums

NEMO launches Climate Action Map for European Museums

Screenshot of NEMO's Climate Action Map

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Acknowledging that museums across Europe already actively contribute to the sustainable transition, NEMO (The Network of European Museum Organisations) has launched a new interactive map that collects and highlights how museums are acting in the climate crisis. Among other things, the map reveals museums’ strength in creating awareness, adapting to and fighting against climate change.

Through highlighting the excellent work that museums are already doing, NEMO hopes to encourage people to take up action and support climate and sustainability initiatives. The map has a number of good practice examples that can serve as sources of inspiration and motivation for getting started. The map also aims to demonstrate to politicians and civil society organisations that museums are allies and agents of change in the fight against climate change and social injustice. Because there is strength in numbers, the more entries on the map, the better.

By launching the Climate Action Map, NEMO continues its focus on climate action in the museum sector. Between 19-21 November 2023 NEMO hosted the European Museum Conference: and… ACTION! Museums in the climate crisis that gathered 300+ participants in Lahti, Finland, where the map was first announced. The topic has furthermore been the focus of two of NEMO’s recent publications. Museum professionals are invited to look into NEMO’s 2022 research Museums in the climate crisis, and NEMO’s brand new report Museums, Climate and Politics that supports museums to take political action in the climate crisis.

With no project too big or too small, contributions to this crowdsource initiative are welcomed from all over Europe. NEMO believes that by joining forces and steering the topic of sustainability forward, the museum community can show that it can have a valuable impact and make a difference for the planet.

Submissions are open to European museums of all types and sizes. For multiple actions in your museum, please submit multiple forms under the same museum name. Projects can be big and small, and cover anything from exhibitions, community driven action, infrastructure development, research and much more.

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