NEMO published new report on museums taking political action in the climate crisis

NEMO published new report on museums taking political action in the climate crisis

Cover for NEMO's report "Museums, Climate and Politics" in blue and white.

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The Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) announced its new report “Museums, Climate and Politics – Taking political action in the sustainable transition” at the NEMO European Museum Conference 2023 in Lahti, Finland. The report presents summaries of national sustainability and climate policies relevant for museums in the European Union.

Only a small percentage of museums are aware of climate policies that address them, and even fewer are considered when climate policies are formulated, according to NEMO’s 2022 research on museums and the climate issue. Consequently, NEMO made the decision to conduct additional research on national climate policies that involve museums or culture in general.

The report aims to support museums in reaching their potential as partners in the sustainable transition of Europe and help them understand their current role in the political framework. Institutions can use the information to ask for adequate support from funders and acknowledgement by policymakers. Furthermore, museums and museum professionals are encouraged to use this report to develop a strategic plan, campaign in their institution and to take inspiration from the good-practice examples. The report also includes a 7-step guide (pages 36-37) to help museums advocate for necessary support for their sustainable transition. With this report NEMO hopes to raise awareness within the sector on the role that can take museums in the sustainable transition.

Inspiring museums to take action in the climate crisis is also the aim of NEMO’s newly introduced  map of Climate Action in Museums. The interactive map illustrates museums’ effectiveness in raising awareness, making adjustments, and battling climate change in their institutions. All European museums are invited to take part by proposing both large-scale and small-scale initiatives via


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