Get familiar with New European Bauhaus in recently published handbook

Get familiar with New European Bauhaus in recently published handbook

A large, fragmented marble head is lit by spotlights in a museum. In the background people are walking through a museum space.

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NEBULA has recently published a handbook which offers a deeper understanding on associated resources and opportunities of the New European Bauhaus (NEB). The handbook gives insights on its origin and what the initiative is about. It furthermore elaborates how to access the community and resources. Also,  the handbook shows readers how to make a project “NEB by design” and where to get funding to support a NEB project. It therefore offers a better understanding of the concepts underlying the New European Bauhaus.

The New European Bauhaus initiative launched by the European Commission. The main need NEBULA aims to address is the renewal and regeneration of urban/rural areas leveraging on the most important resources communities have: young people’s attitudes and ideas. In this framework, social, artistic and environmental activities are a fundamental starting point in regeneration processes as the launch of the NEB initiative demonstrates, affecting the development of collective identity and the sense of belonging to a community, allowing social inclusion, transmitting educational values, promoting social exchanges and contributing to territorial economic development.

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