Recent work by CHARTER WP 4 Sector Integrated Dynamics

Recent work by CHARTER WP 4 Sector Integrated Dynamics

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To give a better idea of the extensive work carried out by the CHARTER Alliance in addition to the official deliverables and meetings, CHARTER is publishing bi-yearly updates of relevant updates from the different Working Packages (WPs) that make up the project.

Working Package 4 Sector Integrated Dynamics has been busy analysing data and writing their first deliverable report ‘Stakeholder roles and dynamics in cultural heritage’. They have also been planning for the upcoming regional workshops in Bremen, Germany, in September and in Alentejo, Portugal, in October as well as the workshop in Florence, Italy, in December.

In the first half of 2022, the WP 4 carried out an online survey on Dynamics in cultural heritage that collected the responses from more than 1200 professionals from across Europe. Despite challenges caused by the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, the second regional workshop in Timisoara, Romania, with the focus on traditional crafts in cultural heritage, was successfully organised and carried out.

During the Timisoara workshop, the WP4 were happy to gain insights of how a resilient cultural heritage ecosystem can fill in the need of training for traditional crafts. During the General Annual Assembly of the CHARTER Alliance in Vienna, Austria, from 6-7 July 2022, the WP carried out an insightful internal stakeholder survey. The survey was also sent to all partners, full, associated and affiliated that were not present in Vienna. WP4 received responses from all partners and will present the analysis in their forthcoming deliverable on stakeholder roles and dynamics.

From the project meetings and workshops, the WP4 also gained useful insights in the intermediate outcomes of WP2 and WP3 for WP4 work. Furthermore, the presentation of Lessons learned from the OMC Report on Cultural Heritage and Climate Change by Johanna Leissner – Chair of the EU OMC expert group “Strengthening cultural heritage resilience for climate change” and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Scientific Representative was very insightful for their work.

Additionally, on 14 June 2022, representatives of WP4 joined the European Heritage Label Awards and got an opportunity to network and share experiences with peers.

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