Recent work by CHARTER WP 6 Communication and dissemination

Recent work by CHARTER WP 6 Communication and dissemination

CHARTER WP6 update

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To give a better idea of the extensive work carried out by the CHARTER Alliance in addition to the official deliverables and meetings, CHARTER is publishing bi-yearly updates of relevant updates from the different Working Packages (WPs) that make up the project.

Work Package 6 Communication and dissemination has been busy with a relaunch of some website features. The Homepage is getting a new look to better reflect the dynamics of the CHARTER Alliance and the articles will be arranged differently. A new page will be launched to collect important and relevant resources from the project, meetings and workshops. In addition, WP6 has discussed new ideas for content creation that will be implemented in the coming months.

A big achievement for WP6 was to be awarded the EU Social Award for Best Social Media Activity by EU Social. The jury nomination reads: “The high quality of the contents and the constancy of the editorial plan, reveal the accuracy that this partnership addressed to dissemination through social media and the presence of a dedicated dissemination team”. The award recognised only the 3 best Erasmus+ projects in aspects related to the social media communication and management.

WP6 has covered the CHARTER in REGIONS workshops in Alentejo (Portugal), Milan (Italy) and Sibiu (Romania) as well as the General Meeting in Vienna (Austria) on social media and on the website.

Earlier this year, WP6 organised the first CHARTER Meetup: How Can We Describe Working In The Cultural Heritage Sector? The webinar took place on 10 March 2022 and focused on how we might describe working with cultural heritage. Close to 150 people joined the first edition. The recording is available to watch online.

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