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The report presents a new integrated model of the cultural heritage sector, defining its scope, dynamics and boundaries in relation to existing cultural, statistical, occupational and economic conceptual definitions, policy principles and frameworks.

Cultural heritage education & training in Europe – pathways to qualifications

The report features an investigation on how formal and non-formal education and training are transmitted and how these pathways may lead to qualifications for CH jobs and professions.

Families of competences

Factsheets with samples of brief descriptions of families of competences according to the matrix describing the new landscape of the cultural heritage sector.

Report on the benchmark analysis of innovative/emerging curricula

An analysis on the transmission mechanisms of knowledge to later be used for highlighting those curricula which are highly innovative for CH professions or show off as emerging professions in the near future. 

Report: Who is not a stakeholder in cultural heritage?

Report presenting the mapping of roles and dynamics of internal and external stakeholders in CH and implications to Education and training systems in CH.

Report on existing quality standards and certification schemes

An overview of the European landscape for standards and certification schemes to support mutual recognition and promotion of certifications.

Matrix and methodology assessment

Preliminary conclusions on matrix and methodology in making competency profiles and occupations in the heritage sector visible.

Identification of gaps and needs in the educational and training programmes

A document which aims to identify what is missing in the skills and competences transmission in relation to the needs of the CH professional market.

Literature Collection

The first literature collection on education and training including a comprehensive overview of the existing approaches and possible on-going developments.

Guidelines for innovative/emerging VET, HE, LLL paths documents

Proposal of eight VET, HE and LLL guidelines for innovative/emerging occupations in Europe in the five CH areas.

Forecast to fill gaps between education and training supply and labour market needs. A preliminary analysis.

Report presenting how well education and training supply markets at regional and national level, and the possibilities to fill gaps and improve learning circles, career development and quality certifications standards. 

Report from Regional case studies

A summary of the results from six regional case studies with suggestions for regional roll-out, digital and sustainability actions. 

Overall sector integrated dynamics and future scenarios

A report which summarises and illustrates the range of challenges and opportunities for the CH sector due to climate change, transformation to circular economy, digital information and communication technologies and help to identify the upskilling reskilling possibilities in relation to other sectors. 


CHARTER booklets 1, 2 and 3

A series of booklets published to summarize the key recommendations of the previous research milestones. 


Proposal of a European Observatory for skills related to Cultural Heritage

Policy paper and stakeholder agreement for the set up of a skills observatory that could continue beyond the project’s end date. 


CHARTER Alliance long term Action Plan

Multi-annual action plan for the step-wise roll-out of the methodology, procedures, technological solutions and recommendations developed by the CHARTER Alliance.