War in Ukraine: CHARTER Alliance consortium reactions and initiatives

War in Ukraine: CHARTER Alliance consortium reactions and initiatives

Ukraine safeguarding
CHARTER condemns the war in in Ukraine. This conflict highlights the importance of skills and competences around the safeguarding and protection of cultural heritage and need to be integrated into the CHARTER's research and analysis. In this article, we summarise all the initiatives and communications by members of the consortium.

The CHARTER consortium rejects the war, violence, and hostility of the war against Ukraine’s democracy and sovereignty. We are deeply moved by the loss of lives and the increasing humanitarian crisis of the Ukrainian population. Our thoughts go to all the victims’ families and people of Ukraine. We also symphatise with those Russians who are not represented by this conflict and are against it, bearing the consequences of the Russian government actions.

As a project which aims to create a future sustainable skills strategy for cultural heritage in Europe, we are now inevitably faced to rethink how this future will look like for heritage. This conflict pushes for new professions and skills to take into account, mainly related to risk and disaster management, protection, safeguarding, restoration, etc.

Even if many heritage sites and collections have been secured, we are aware of the ongoing heritage destruction. For example, we can observe the severe damage of this orthodox wooden church near Zhytomyr (1862):

Ukraine heritage destruction

Credit: Olex Scherba via Twitter (link to publication).

Destroying heritage is destroying the history of humanity, and in this case, attempting to erase the Ukrainian identity and the right to have one. We all must be compelled to follow-up and act on this matter together as a sector. This article reunites all the initiatives and communications issued by full, affiliate and associate members of the CHARTER consortium in order to enhance collaboration and synergies during this very challenging time.


ENCATC – Thomassen Fund for Arts and Cultural Management refugee students

This initiative is the ENCATC (European Network on Cultural Management and Policy) concrete contribution to the arts and cultural education sector and to the young generation that is particularly affected emotionally and financially by this war.

The money collected will be regularly transferred to the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Theatre Faculty (Czech Republic), who will oversee coordinating the distribution of grants to the refugee students. Universities accepting students at this point include Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, University of Poznan (Poland), among others.

Donate here / Read statement here


NEMO – Museums support Ukraine section

The Network of European Museums Organisations (NEMO) is collecting and monitoring support activities and initiatives organised by museums for Ukrainian colleagues and citizens.

Their regularly updated section includes actions relating to support on the ground; storage and housing; job offers; donations; education and exhibitions. You can submit your contribution to be published to weber@ne-mo.org 

Access the Museums support Ukraine section here.


ICOMOS – International Council on Monuments and Sites

The World Heritage city of Kyiv is in imminent danger” by Teresa Patricio (President of ICOMOS).


Verband der Restauratoren

Cultural property news feed: “Information on cultural property protection in Ukraine


ERRIN – European Regions Research and Innovation Network

The network started collecting the activities and initiatives in support of Ukrainian researchers and Research & Innovation ecosystem: Solidarity with Ukraine.


Kultur und Arbeit

Karin Drda-Kühn presents the case-study of how Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina) handled their “burnt books” during the Serbian War: “Resurrection of the city of burnt books“.


Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Student Unions against Illegalization of Refugee Students from Third Countries” by Austrian Student Unions.


Erasmus University Rotterdam

Information for students and employees section: War in Ukraine.


University of Gothenburg

Section with the list of researchers who can comment and analyse the conflict: Experts: The war in Ukraine

Section with information for students, staff and others: Regarding the war in Ukraine


University of Genova

Shared statement with useful links: “War in Ukraine: the appeal of the Network of Italian Universities for Peace (RUniPace)


Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

Statement: “L’université Sorbonne Paris Nord solidaire de l’Ukraine


MUSEOVIRASTO – Finnish Heritage Agency

Collection of reactions to the Ukraine conflict in Finland: “The National Board of Antiquities documents the reactions to the war in Ukraine in Finland”.


National Heritage Board of Latvia

Official statement: “It is tragic if someone who has power does not understand what he is doing and does not understand the consequences of his actions” by Juris Dambis (Dr. Arch. Head of the National Cultural Heritage Board)


Basque Government

News: “The Basque Government leads and coordinates humanitarian aid to people and families fleeing Ukraine to Euskadi”.


Regione Toscana

Information and initiatives: “Tuscany for the emergency in Ukraine


Europa Nostra 

Europa Nostra joined the Global Heritage Fund to support cultural heritage professionals in Ukraine as well as those who were forced to flee the country. The network will distribute the raised funds amongst organisations and individuals affected, directly and/or through their membership and partners in Poland, Romania or elsewhere in Europe. Donate here.


EAAE – European Association for Architectural Education

Find news and initiatives to support students and professionals in coordination with the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture: full section.


ICOM – International Council of Museums

Call for donations to Support Museums and Museum Professionals


ICCROM – International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property  

UNESO, ICCROM and Maidan Museum join forces to translate the manual Endangered Heritage: Emergency Evacuation of Heritage Collections into Ukrainian: news and link

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